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Hendrix landed at London’s Heathrow Airport at 9:00 the following morning. It was Saturday, and as Charles Cross recounts in his excellent Hendrix biography, Room Full of Mirrors , publicist Tony Garland picked Jimi up from the airport and took him straight to the home of bandleader Zoot Money. Jimi tried to play his Strat through a stereo record player, but when that failed, he wowed Zoot with his performance on a borrowed acoustic. Andy Summers, later the guitarist for the Police, was living in Zoot’s house and witnessed this performance. Thus, writes Cross, Summers became “the first of legions of Great Britain’s guitar players to be awed and dazed by Jimi.”

CD1 - LA Forum 26th April 1969
Tax Free, Foxy Lady, Red House, Spanish Castle Magic, Star Spangled Banner, Purple Haze, I Don't Live Today, Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/Sunshine Of Your Love/Voodoo Child (Slight Return) reprise

Silver Apples' music was unprecedented in 1967, with Simeon sailing heavily treated oscillator sounds over drummer Danny Taylor's unrelenting beats. Yet the roots of this highly original sound were, ironically, to be found in a mundane New York bar band, featuring Simeon on vocals and Taylor on drums, called the Overland Stage Electric Band. "Very much a club band supporting the lead acts,” Simeon remembers. "The audiences would not really be interested in hearing any original music, it was all covers of the various danceable songs of the day. We played every single night, sometimes two or three sets a night. It was just like going to work.”

Jimi Hendrix Jamming WithJimi Hendrix Jamming WithJimi Hendrix Jamming WithJimi Hendrix Jamming With