Historically, essential oil of peppermint has been used to reduce pain caused by muscle tension and inflammation such as headaches, joint pain, muscle soreness, and swollen lymph glands. Peppermint oil is also well-known for its anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic qualities and has been widely used throughout history to treat bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections, both internally and externally. Modern science now recognizes these qualities to be due to the high concentration of menthol (around 40% of the total composition) found in the essential oil. Peppermint oil has also long been revered for its ability to ease the symptoms of cold, flu , and other respiratory illnesses – also due to the oil’s high concentration of menthol.

In 1982 Mark and Diane De Cracker fell in love with the early America n charm and Adirondack feel of the property. In 1998 the Peppermint Cottage B&B was opened for guests to “step back in time” and experience the simple pleasures of life including a warm fire a romantic candle-light breakfast, relaxing  under the starts in  a hot tub,   or strolling through the Victorian gardens of the Peppermint Cottage Bed and Breakfast . In the year 2001 the Jackson School House was remodeled and a guest room was added in the Jackson School, which is adjacent to the Peppermint Cottage B &B. The Peppermint Cottage B&B  represents three R ‘s: r elax ation , r ejuvena tion, and a r omantic get away that you will never forget! This unique b ed and b reakfast experience is waiting for you in Nature ‘ s Pleasant Valley at the Peppermint Cottage Bed and Breakfast between the Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes wine country.  

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