Various - ultimix 187

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Ultimix Vol 247 is a promotional tool for DJs who want an edge over their competition. Whether youre a mixshow, club or mobile jock, we’ve got something programmed specifically with you in mind. You can get the best remixes sent to you automatically as they are released. Or you can simply pick and choose the specific products that fit your needs.
Programming is done by carefully researching radio airplay monitors, record pool reports and what our subscriber DJs tell us is hot for them in the club. We base most or our mixes on the original radio edit or a label-commissioned remix. But we take these label offerings to the next level and add creative, effective production. By going above and beyond the regular versions that are offered to everyone, we give you an exclusive edge. We create unique, mixshow-length/commercial club versions where none existed before. We also fix minor structure flaws and provide seamless and consistent remixes every month.

Various - Ultimix 187Various - Ultimix 187Various - Ultimix 187Various - Ultimix 187